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A lot of people seem intimidated by the price and commitment in reference to making use of spray foam insulation within their properties. In the absence of learning the features that spray foam insulation may furnish with respect to their home and loved ones, the possibility might be quite easily ignored.

In actuality, spray foam insulation outperforms every other varieties of insulation by incredible limits. The following are 7 methods in which spray foam insulation can easily improve your residential property and conserve you money.

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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is created from two kinds of blended products, polyurethane and isocyanate. When mixed, these two products chemically react to each other and cause their blended product to expand and set. In the course of the installation procedure, both of these components are concurrently sprayed out of the tip of a spray foam gun, enabling them to grow and create a protecting layer of spray polyurethane foam insulation over the intended location.

There are a couple of kinds of spray polyurethane foam insulation – open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell spray foam is more condensed than closed-cell spray foam insulation, and is soft to touch. This gives it an effective sound dampening benefit. It is much less expensive in comparison to closed-cell spray foam insulation.

Closed-cell insulation, although more costly than open-cell, has its very own lineup of impressive advantages.

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Benefits of Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation





1. Efficient Insulator

Spray foam insulation operates far greater in comparison to various other popular types of insulation. Given its expanding nature, spray foam firmly seals all nooks and crannies which typically would have been left left open. Spray foam’s resistance value, or its potential to provide an air-tight seal, graded at R-6, the highest rank on the market right now.

2. Incredible Electricity Cost Savings

Considering that spray polyurethane foam is such a effective insulator, households and companies have in fact had the ability to save a considerable amount of money with regards to their power bills. Spray foam insulation has shown to furnish electricity financial benefits at approximately 50% or more, unlike various other kinds of insulation that average a cost savings rate of about 30%.

3. Air-tight Seal

Spray foam insulation is uniquely capable of thoroughly securing holes and crevices in your attic room or crawl space. Air leaks are frequently one of the primary reasons for high power charges. Spray foam insulation produces a effective airtight seal which has demonstrated to be 24 times less pervious to air penetration than other forms of insulation.

4. Moisture Barrier

Cavities and crevices in your walls and crawl space may allow entrance to a lot more than simply air. Water and dampness can gain access to these places through exposed fissures and gaps if not sealed off.

Spray foam insulation is impervious to water. This indicates that not only will spray foam completely seal and protect your attic and crawl space from airborne dampness and leakages, but if flooding should occur in the region, spray foam insulation will not take in the water like other substances will.

5. Prevents Mold

Spray foam is not only water resistant, but it is comprised of an inert polymer that provides no source of food for mold or bacteria. Residences which are insulated making use of closed-cell insulation are better protected against mold and mildew.

6. Long Life-Span

The inert polymer that comprises spray foam insulation allows it to have an indefinite life expectancy. This enables houses and companies to enjoy the features of spray foam insulation for many years on end before requiring to re-insulate. Companies and families which commit to spray foam insulation are able to actually conserve cash over the course of 20 years or more as a result of spray foam’s unique capacity to operate at optimal levels for extensive time periods.

7. Eco-Friendly

One of the most popular inquiries made about spray foam insulation is if it is eco-friendly. Our answer is yes! There are numerous rationales for this.

Spray polyurethane foam helps in reducing fuel utilization and create a ‘ environment-friendly’ residential property.

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is among the best insulation solutions crawl space and attic professionals have discovered so far. We are dedicated to delivering high quality insulation professional services, using only premium materials. We would love to assist you insulate your residential property with spray foam insulation to make sure that you can begin experiencing the benefits.

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